We are Fred and Jamie, two photographers from London. We’ve been collaborating on photographic projects together since university in 1999 and we set up our wedding photography business in 2011.

We are based in London, but have shot weddings all over the UK and abroad.


Documentary-style photography is very different to traditional wedding photography. It’s not so much a style as an approach; almost a manifesto. It's about capturing a narrative and a feeling.

Many wedding photographers operate by choreographing the wedding. They spend most of the day telling everyone where to stand, when to smile and how to correctly rest their chin on their hand. We don’t do this. Firstly, we don’t want to turn the most special day of your life into a giant photoshoot, but more importantly because we believe that we cannot capture the heart and soul of the wedding this way.

While we approach the majority of the day in a documentary style, we understand that having some posed group portraits are important and we’re happy to take group portraits on the day. We also recommend spending about 20–30 minutes at some point during the day where we go for a wander and take some informal portraits of just the two of you.




With us you get two photographers. Not a photographer and an assistant, two experienced photographers.

The benefits:

• We can be in two places at once or capture the same thing from two different angles. If you are getting ready at separate locations, we can be in both places creating shots that tell two parallel stories. We can capture close-ups of you placing the rings on each other’s fingers whilst also capturing your great aunt shedding a tear in the back row at the same moment.

• We pick the best selection from two sets of photographs, meaning double the amount of the high-quality shots to choose from.

• Photographs are still being taken in the ‘down time’ when one of us busy with something such as setting up the camera for the next group portrait. We’ve caught some great candid moments when a group of friends fall about giggling after posing for a shot.

We synchronise our camera clocks and supply all your photographs in chronological order. This often results in a series of shots that alternate between two events that were happening simultaneously (eg. the guests greeting each other and getting seated while the bride is travelling to the venue etc.). This ends up creating ‘scenes’ that jump from one to the other like the narrative of a film.

Having two photographers also brings an extra dimension to our videos.


Making people happy with something that really means a lot to them is pretty much the main reason we do this. There’s no better feeling than getting that enthusiastic thank you email after sending a couple their photos. Here are a few examples of what we’ve been sent:

Just looked through them, I re-lived the getting ready nerves! They are all brilliant, you’ve caught so much, everyone looks so happy and beautiful. You even got the rings and champagne one for Mum! Thank you so much.
— Heather and Mark
Saying thank you to you both really doesn’t feel like enough or sound grateful enough. We really love the pictures.
— Rebecca and Stephen
They are absolutely brilliant. We are both really happy with them. You have done a wonderful job, and I don’t know how you managed to edit so many of them!
— Joanna and Richard
Off the charts!! The photos are brill. We have been looking all day like complete saddos!
— Gareth and Joyce
We absolutely love our photos! We have no idea how we are going to pick which ones to print in an album, each one just captures something about the day that we just couldn’t miss out! We really cannot thank you both enough. You have given us the best memories of our wedding and we really appreciate all your time and hard work getting them to us this quickly! We cannot wait to show our friends and family.
— David and Lizzy
The photos are amazing. We honestly can’t thank you enough, you have captured the best day of our lives in the most magical way. We can’t stop looking at the pictures because it transports us back to the day and for that we are truly grateful to you both.
— Michael and Neela
You managed to really capture so many natural memories for us rather than just the generic poses you get in traditional wedding pics. They were brilliant – you did everything we asked and more. The colours and tones in the images are beautiful too, we always look back at our pictures and smile.
— Claire and Keith

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